Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The 6th day til Christmas

On the 6th day til Christmas I went down to the airport with Mum and Dad to pick up Chris. His flight landed at 10:10am which meant it was perfect timing to head over to North Lakes for lunch. Our new favourite coffee shop is Jamaican Blue because they make excellent coffee and great food. I’ve only had a member card for a little over a month and already have 2 free coffee so what does that tell you hehe?!

We followed lunch up with a little shopping on the way out which the men LOVED…. Not! It was nice to hang out as a family again, it’s been about 8 months since Chris was here.

Waiting at the airport 

Family lunch date

Family lunch date 

Snuggles was so pleased to see Chris 

Snuggles and Puss cuddles 

Shopping for Christmas parties.... a lot of alcohol free wine!

The men helping us shop 

Chilling in the afternoon 

We headed back to the coast to Mum and Dad’s place and Snuggles and Puss were very excited to see Chris again! We took a few photos and did a little grocery shopping for the different Christmas activities coming up and then I had to head home to wait for my groceries to be delivered. Who gets their groceries online and delivered? I love it so much. We save a fair bit of money plus I don’t have to carry them from the car. Double win in my books!

We went to Mum and Dad to have a family dinner since it’s been such a long time since we’ve all been together. Great food and great company. We also had a quick visit over to the Lodge to see how Misty was going, still no puppies!
Family Christmas dinner


Misty is huge

Easy to see how big she is against Snuggles 
The 6th day was a great family day together. 

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