Thursday, December 20, 2012

The 5th Day til Christmas

On the 5th day til Christmas…. I got up at 5am to go waking with Mum and Mrs Page at the beach. I didn’t really want to go walking (5am ewww) but Mum was going shopping after so it was the only way to get into the shops. Other than being exhausted the whole way, it was a really nice walk next to the beach. We walked about 5km and followed it up with coffee at the local coffee shop.

Really beautiful at the beach at 6am

A coffee I needed so badly after our 5km walk 

After coffee Mum had to take my Nana to the eye specialist so we headed over to pick her up. We spend a little bit of time at Nana and Poppy’s after chatting and organising things for Christmas day. We always have Christmas day lunch and dinner at Nana and Poppy’s house.

At about 10am we went over to pick up Jeanette for a little Christmas shopping!!!! I’m pretty sure we do more laughing and talking than shopping… no wait, we do a lot of shopping too haha! It was great and I even picked up some super cute ice cream cups for our Gelato party on Christmas eve! After being up at 5am I was pretty much dead on my feet when I got home at 4pm and had a nap before Jeff got home. Not a long enough nap mind you, only about 30mins.
Shopping up a storm with Mum and Jeanette 

A walking Christmas Tree

Christmas count down!

Getting ready to head over to Mum and Dad's place. 

We dropped by Mum and Dad’s for a quick dinner and heading down to our traditional 24hr shopping adventure at Chermside. It crept up on us fast this year as normally 24hr shopping isn’t until the 22nd but the weekend got in the way of that so they moved it forward.  We didn’t plan on being out too late but didn’t get home until 2am! I came home with some gorgeous wrapping paper for next Christmas and a pretty dress for Christmas day! Well worth the trip down. We also got free parking woohoo!

Busy busy on the way to Chermside

Ready to start some all night shopping

A snug dog cake I found

A snug dog teddy I found too

Coffee that woke me up... Jeff didn't tell me he had them put 3 shots of coffee in it. Good stuff though!

Ready to head home after lots of shopping. 

The 5th day was a busy, long day filled with so much walking and shopping!

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