Friday, December 21, 2012

The 4th Day til Christmas

On the 4th day til Christmas I cooked and cooked and cooked. For some reason I had thought it would be a good idea to do lots of cooking for Christmas but my list was fairly long. Today I made fresh orange juice, homemade mini apple and cinnamon pies, Vanilla bean ice cream, Malteser ice cream and Mango sorbet. It pretty much took up the whole day along with doing a little washing. I may have sampled one of the apple pies for afternoon tea and it may have tasted delish!

Wrapped the last of the presents 

Photo of the day - Tree which is of course our first Christmas tree 

Made me laugh to see the weather reporter talking about Santa journey on The Morning show!

Good weather for Santa - apparently ;) 

Baking all day long

Cute cups for our Gelato Party on Christmas eve

Today was Jeff’s last day of work for 2 weeks so we celebrated in the evening by going out for Chinese with my parents, Chris, Uncle Greg and Aunty Jeanette. We followed dinner by visiting Kevin’s new place and having a swim at the local pool that is open all night. Gotta LOVE holidays!!!!
Out for Chinese with the family 

Dessert with kev

A nice cool evening swim at the local pool!
I was so tired by the end of the 4th day that I fell asleep on Kevin’s couch haha!

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