Saturday, December 22, 2012

The 3rd Day til Christmas

On the 3rd day til Christmas I had the most lovely sleep in ever! Because of Snuggles strict medication schedule, I hardly ever sleep in now but today after she was all dosed up, I went back to bed until 2pm!!!! Sooooooo goooooooodddd! Thought I did feel like I lost the whole day haha!

 We had pancakes for breakfast/lunch because that’s our Saturday thing and not only did Jeff cook the pancakes but he also washed up for me. I felt super blessed!
Jeff cooking pancakes 

Photo of the day - decoration 

Jeff's shirt explains him so well!

Pancakes for Breakfast/lunch

Jeff washing up for me! Miracle 

Carols in the Domain were on at night and I decided it would be a great night to have a lounge room picnic while we watched the carols by candlelight. I don’t like to mess the house up too much or move things around but today I forced myself too! Jeff was out late fixing a stores computer so it was just Snugs and I enjoying the carols and yes I do sing along, nice and loud too. Sorry neighbours!

All too exciting for our girl 

I also made gingerbread and hedgehog slices during the day and while the carols were on so our house if filled with many Christmas treats now!!!

Snugs with the tree

Our tree all lit up

Our lounge room picnic 

Snugs watching the Carols 

On the 3rd day, it was nice to slow down and enjoy the day. 

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