Sunday, December 23, 2012

The 2nd Day til Christmas

On the 2nd day til Christmaswe had our last church service for 2012 where we sang some Christmas carols, I sang Silent Night and we had Graham preaching. We’re constantly praying what God wants us to do with the church and we will be praying for God’s plans for it in 2013! I love knowing God has the future in His hands and we don’t need to worry about it.

Jeff leading church

I sang Silent Night 

By the way – Happy Christmas Adam (get it, tomorrow is Christmas Eve?) Hehe!

After church Jeff went to help a friend move and I had a little lunch and collapsed on the couch for a nap. It was a hot day and the heat seems to make me quite tired. It’s pretty uncomfortable sleeping in this heat though!
Jeff cooked dinner for us tonight. Good old take away!

Misty is getting bigger by the second but still no puppies

Apartments all lit up!

We took Fish and Chips over to the Lodge for tea with Jeff’s parents and to visit Misty of course… still no puppies! We quickly dashed off into the King’s Beach Carols by Candlelight. Our friend Kevin lives so close that we sat on his front deck and could see and hear the carols from his house. We ventured down amongst the crowds for a while and enjoyed the carols. I just LOVE Christmas Carols!!!!!!!
Kevin trying a tofu kebab. 

Sitting out on Kevin's deck

Singing along to the Christmas carols... well I was

Can't be at the carols without a candle!!!

The crowd down at the carols

So excited 

We got nice and close

Christmas dancers 

Snap snap

Christmas star

Carols with my husband! One very happy girl. 

After the carols we dashed off again to have coffee with Jeff’s brother before heading home but not before grabbing some Christmas Krispy Kremes yummmm!!!
Photo of the day - Joy is... being at the carols with your husband. 


Christmas Krispy Kremes 

On the 2nd day we certainly got around!!!!!

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