Thursday, December 13, 2012

The 12 Days til Christmas 2012

A few years ago, in anticipation to Christmas I started this blog series where I wrote about the exciting things happening around here in the lead up to Christmas day. This time last year Jeff, Snuggles and I were moving into our house, unpacking boxes and trying to catch up with getting ready for Christmas… there was no time for blogging and I had no internet either. But this year it’s back and today marks 12 days til Christmas so here we go!!!!!

On the 12th day til Christmas I cleaned. I know, what an exciting way to start off the 12th day til Christmas. Our windows have been well over due for a clean, in fact this is the first time I've cleaned them since we moved in a year ago. What a slack wife!

When Jeff arrived home from work we finished putting up the last of our Christmas lights on the house and flicked them on for the evening. It was perfect timing for my photo of the day challenge ‘Lights’.

Snuggles loves greeting Jeff when he gets home each afternoon.

Apparently we are not very helpful when it comes to putting up lights haha!
Jeff does the hard work. 
My photo of the day challenge photo 13th December - Lights!

Some of my instagram friends have put up photos of themselves eating Christmas Krispy Kreme donuts and ever since seeing them I have just had to have one. After dinner Jeff took me out for coffee and Krispy Kremes Yummmmm! Even better than that was the gorgeous fairy light covered tree that we set ourselves up under at the park. I could have lied under that tree all night snuggled up with my wonderful husband and Snuggle dog! Such a special memory I'm sure I’ll look back on for a long time.

 The 12th day til Christmas ended so beautifully

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