Friday, December 14, 2012

The 11th Day til Christmas

On the 11th day til Christmas I spent this windy day doing a little baking. I made double choc brownies for my ‘Sweet as pie baking challenge’ which will be up on the blog in a few days and I made fresh pizza bases for dinner. It’s the first time I’ve made pizza bases since moving into our new house which seemed strange to me. I made them fairly often when I lived at home. Maybe I was worried about messing up my kitchen… who knows! It did get pretty messy!

Dropped by the shops today and discovered this delicious yoghurt. Will be getting more of this in the future. 

Double choc brownies 
Home made pizza for dinner
Friday’s are Big Bang Theory days around here, as the newest episode airs in America and is available to watch online! Yeah I know it’s naughty but I’m not patient enough to wait for it to come on Australian TV and when it’s released I’ll buy the DVD anyway. This week was a Christmas episode and very funny. Sheldon: No No No. Leonard: Actually it’s Ho Ho Ho, but you’ll get the hang of it. Hehehe, love me some Big Bang!
Big Bang Christmas episode -  The Santa Simulation

Dad came over for dinner while Mum was at her work Christmas party with the teachers. We had homemade pizza and double choc brownies for dessert, yum. Across the road to us is the community centre and it seemed the whole of our little town was there enjoying a Christmas party so we had free music all evening.

Relaxing dinner and dessert with Dad, Jeff and Snug dog. 

I love cooking so the 11th day was baking bliss to me! Also did I mention it was the last day of term 4 so I'm officially on school holiday as of now! Woohoo 6 weeks without any phone calls at 6am!!!!! The first day of my holidays will be starting early tomorrow so i'm off to bed!

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