Saturday, December 15, 2012

The 10th Day til Christmas

On the 10th day til Christmas we were up bright an early (7:30am is bright and early for me) to have Snuggles clipped. Her medicine seems to make her fur grow soooo fast. She looks like a puppy again with short fur and short ears.
Snug dog gets clipped

Nice and short again

She looks like a puppy again!!!

Saturday is usually our pancake day where I make the batter and Jeff cooks them. We’ve perfected the perfect pancakes so it was the perfect way to start off our Saturday morning. 

Pancakes for breakfast!

Wrapped up some of my Triple Choc Brownies for Jeff's parents. Like my labels? 

Jeff had to pick up a computer from work and his Dad had to pick up a part for his computer so we spent the middle of the day driving around picking up computer parts and having HJs for lunch. Thanks to Laree we all discovered the ‘Elf Yourself’ app and played with it all day. Check out my facebook page to see a few of my clips!
HJ's for lunch!

While I was waiting in the car I downloaded Delta's new Christmas EP

Puss and Snuggles on 'Elf Yourself'! Too funny!

Photo of the day was 'Outdoors' today and this was one of the photos I took.

I ended up using this pretty photo though. 

In the evening we bought Subway and headed over to the Lodge to have dinner with Jeff’s parents. I spent most of the night trying to guess how many puppies Misty is going to have. My guess is 4 but it’s impossible to tell for sure. Snuggles thinks Misty might have 8!!!! She’s huge and I’m hoping she has them soon because I’m pretty excited. Gorgeous little fluffy PUPPIES to play with!!!!!!!!!

We didn’t turn our lights on tonight as we were out and when we got home two girls were standing on the side of the road in their PJs with their camera. They were waiting for us to turn our lights on so they could take photos! Uncle Greg and Aunty Jeanette dropped by as well to see the lights. That would be right, the only night we haven’t been home all week lol!

Misty is HUGE at the moment. Puppies must be due any day!
The 10th day was busier than I thought it would be and I’m going to be sleeping with one ear open from now on, waiting to hear if Misty is having her puppies!!!!!

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Talia said...

Saturday is usually pancake day at our place too. :-)

Sounds like a VERY busy day!