Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Christmas Day, one of the most exciting days of the year and I woke up having to remind myself that it was Christmas day haha! Not that I wasn’t excited, I was just very tired from a week of busyness and shopping. We started out Christmas day this year by opening presents with Jeff’s family at our house. It was a wrapping paper and present jungle by the end and Snug dog decided it was way too much for her and had a sleep on the couch next to me. I received lots of lovely and thoughtful gifts from Jeff’s family and a special photograph from Brett and Kate of their favourite place over in Europe with a message from them on the back. I thought this was very clever and something we’ll keep forever!

My Christmas wish this year was for Snuggles to still be with us at Christmas time and I got my wish. Love you Snugs xoxo

Next we zipped over to Mum and Dad’s place and had a beautiful, light breakfast of freshly made blueberry muffins by Mum and Byron Bay coffee, yummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!! We spend an hour or so opening presents and oohing and aarring over what each other got given. Tiger walk, family photos, Koko black chocolates and red balloon vouchers were all on the list. And don’t let me forget Jeff’s Xbox, happiest boy in the world anyone!!!

This year we had lunch at Nana and Poppy’s house with all of my family and extend family. We ate lots of great food, played Secret Santa, gave presents to each other and played some board games. My cousins have two 12 week old puppies which were the centre of attention most of the time and Snuggles was such a good girl with them. Very proud of her!

We headed back home just before 5pm to have Christmas dinner with Jeff’s family at our place. We did the Christmas circle and skyped Brett and Kate who are having a white Christmas in Switzerland. The night ended with Jeff’s parents rushing Misty home because they thought she might start having her puppies soon. They arrived on boxing day at about 2pm!

A lovely Christmas had by all and our most popular present this year was chocolate, we have about 13 boxes to work our way through!!!! 

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