Friday, December 28, 2012

The Year that was 2012

Yet again we are at the end of another year and about to celebrate the brand new year 2013. 

What was the best part of 2012?
Travelling down to Byron Bay for our 2nd wedding anniversary and going up in a Hot Air balloon was one of the highlights of the year for me!

What was the worst part of 2012?
At Easter time Snuggles was so sick that we didn’t think she would survive the week. With lots of hard work, vet appointments and support we got her through the tough stuff and nursed her back to almost perfect health. She’s on a lot of medication and has lost her eye sight but other than that, she is very well and very happy! We love her so deeply.

What was the biggest surprise of 2012?
The biggest surprise during the year was the texts I received when Talia and Luke’s baby Lior was born and when Katie and Alex’s baby Tillie was born. I was just so thrilled for them!

What are you most looking forward in 2013?
We have a few trips planned this year which I’m looking forward too – Easterfest, Sydney and maybe Rocky. We’re also having a night away in Brisbane in a few days.

Is there anything you are not looking forward to in 2013?
Not really, I’m just happy to take one day at a time and pray that God will give me the strength to cope with whatever comes our way.

Which new years resolutions did you keep in 2012?
I don’t tend to make resolutions as I never keep them!

What will be your new years resolutions in 2013?
There are plenty of things I need to work on during 2013 and the years ahead but I won’t make them a resolution.

What will you be doing on new years eve?
As of yet I’m not sure. Last year I told Jeff I didn’t want to battle the New Years Eve crowds to see fireworks so maybe we’ll stay home and watch them on our big TV!
Who will you be with at new years eve?
My husband!

Who do you want to kiss to see the new year in?
My husband Jeffrey!

What was the best song of 2012?
Can’t think of a particular song but I was really into Kari Jobe, Britt Nicole and Francesca Battistelli, all Christian singers.

What was the best TV show of 2012?
The Big Bang Theory was top of my list this year, loved it. I have all the seasons on DVD and am up to date on all the new episodes airing in America. Such a funny, funny show!

What was the best book you read in 2012?
I read a few non-fiction books this year but nothing in particular. I’m not a huge book reader. I try to keep in my bible though!

What was the best film of 2012?
Rachel and I saw the Sappires a few months ago and I really enjoyed it. I’m planning on buying the DVD! Also Jeff and I went to Gold Class to see The Dark Night Rises which was excellent too!

What change would you like to make to your life in 2013?
I’d like to spend more time with Jeffrey in 2013. Sometimes we find ourselves doing our own thing at home which is great, but I love spending time with him.

What change would you like to see in the world in 2013?
We have seen some terrible, terrible things happening in our world this year. Shootings in Primary schools, shootings at movie theatres, natural disasters, wars etc. I’d really like to see the American gun laws change dramatically to stop these terrible shootings happening and innocent lives being taken. 

Here’s a little snapshot of the year that was in no particular order.
South Bank Fireworks 

Jeff's birthday 

The night Jeff cut his finger with one of the kitchen knifes. He didn't think he got enough sympathy though haha. 

I did the Photo a day challenge for some of the months of this year. 

This photo was grateful and I was grateful for being a teacher, my husband, Snuggles, our house and coffee. 

We finished up services at Palmwoods Baptist Church 

Jeff and his dad started Mooloolah Local Assembly church 

Singing Hymns at church

Chris moved to Camberra to start his PHd. 

We settled into our house

Settling into our house 

Received our first mail 

Jeff had his last day working in Brisbane WOOHOO! Best thing ever!

Talia had her baby shower

Talia and Luke welcomed their baby boy Lior!

And Dedicated him to God

We had the Olympics 

Easter Photos with the pups

Snuggles was on our Easter Cards 

What a cute bunny she is!

Katie's baby shower

Meeting Katie and Alex's little girl, Tillie for the first time!

Snuggles at her worst

A few months on looking a bit better

Well and truly looking health!

Our next door neighbours cat Stella visited us a lot this year 

All of my family got Toyota's! 

Enjoying Easter time 

Snuggles bought me this Willow Tree Figure for Mother's Day 

Brett and Kate's CD launch show

Laree danced in her body art 

The council fixed the fence outside our house 

In completed my Cert 3 and Diploma in Early Childhood care 

Nana's Birthday

Dad's Birthday 

House Owners! 

Chris' birthday 

Nana and Poppy's birthday and anniversary 

Jeanette's 50th birthday 

John's 60th Birthday 

John's surprise party 

Rhonda's birthday 

My birthday 

Morgy's 21st birthday party 

Lior and Talia came to visit me

Celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary 


We visited Byron Bay 

We went up in a Hot Air Balloon. I LOVED it!

The Gadenne team put up our shed

Snuggles left her mark on the shed!

All finished!

I saw Mary Poppins!

Ice skating with the boys 

Lots and lots and lots of coffees 

We had a beautiful valentines day at home 

We survived the colder months 

I tried to keep plants arrive but failed!

Ice skating 

I had lots of teaching work and did dot painting with a Year 5 class that I taught for 3 weeks. 

We opened the church 

My first time making homemade ice cream 

I started the Sweet as Pie Baking Challenge and it will continue in 2013

Josh and Kate came to visit and of course we went to Pancake Manor 

Lots of Snuggles and Misty photos 

Puss had a happy year 

Cuddles with Misty 

We went to Kingaroy and it was -2 degrees 

I've never been so cold before EVER!

Caught up with the uni kids a few times during the year!

Took snuggles to the beach

She loves her Daddy so much!

Snugs dressed up for the Melbourne Cup

And looks SOOOOOO healthy now!

Misty came to stay for 2 weeks 

We minded Mum and Dad's house and Puss for 2 weeks 

We watched John drive a V8 racing car!

Snuggles was the star of our Christmas card

Misty was the star of her own Christmas card too

I gave Lior and Tillie Christmas presents and they had so much fun 'opening' them. 

I helped Mum made Christmas cupcakes with her prep/1 class!

Jeff and I got festive. 

Chris came home for Christmas 

We put up our first Christmas tree. 

Christmas Eve and our tree was packed!

Family Christmas photo

Christmas Day - Snuggles was the best gift I could ever wish for. 

Loving each other so much 

Lots of chocolate for Christmas presents 

Santa came on Christmas Eve and the boys water bombed him 

Misty had her puppies on Boxing day at about 2pm 

This little fellow is named Panda 

Two gorgeous babies 

Chicko is his name!

Jeff having a little hold!