Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sweet as Pie Baking Challenge – Rum and Raisin Slice

It’s taken me over a week to write a post about this challenge as I’ve been a little busy minding pets and houses but here it is. This was a recipe I was happy to make but was never going to taste as I cannot stand raisins. Jeff was more than happy to take care of the eating side of things but it does smell amazing and rich and I was very tempted to have a taste (though raisins really do turn me off.)

My Tips
  • No need to use real Rum, I just used Rum essence mixed with water
  • It’s very rich, dense slice so cut it into smaller pieces
  • Easiest time to cut it into pieces is as soon as it comes out of the fridge. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sweet as Pie Baking Challenge – Hedgehog Slice

I’ve never made Hedgehog slice before, in fact I’ve never to my knowledge eaten Hedgehog slice before but it looked pretty good from the picture! It’s easy to make, great to share and very rich!

My tips

  •   You can use any kind of biscuits or nuts and you can even leave the nuts out if you want.

  •  Melted chocolate on top is delish but to cut out some of the sweetness (and cost) you could make a chocolate icing instead!
  •    Cut into small pieces, it is very rich and dense slice!