Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sweet as Pie – Baking Challenge!

What could be better than finding the perfect recipe and getting stuck into creating a delicious delight to share with family and friends? I don’t know about you but I LOVE to bake up a storm and smell the rich aroma of homemade cooking swirl around my house! Even better when your husband races in the front door after work just because he wants to know what the amazing smell is front the street!

I was inspired to take on a little ‘Julie and Julia’ challenge when my mother-in-law gave me a cook book that she picked up for free from Woolworths. I was mainly inspired by the beautiful photographs and how simple each recipe was. Now I wouldn’t say I’m any kind of Masterchef (we won’t talk about the fact that I messed up the caramel slice 4 times!!!!!!) so this book was perfect for me! The other deal breaker, it’s sweet foods not savoury. Don’t get me wrong, in my old age (cough, 25) I’m so much more into savoury food than sweet but being vegetarian gives me a huge disadvantage when it comes to cooking meal dishes. I steer right away from cooking meat in general and am yet to find a really good, inspiring, vegetarian recipe book!

So here goes, 82 of Australia’s favourite sweet treats over whatever timeframe I feel like! No pressure,  just fun and free to bake til my heart’s content and share with my loved ones and anyone lucky enough to be passing by! So if you’re keen for some sugary treats, drop by the blog now and again where I’ll share photos, my stories and recipes when I have the chance to bake and hopefully one day I’ll finish the whole book! What a challenge! 

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