Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back in the day… Myspace

Tonight I cheated on facebook and travelled back in time to good old Myspace (but only for a visit of course). And my oh my how things have changed since I last visited the Myspace world! It’s kind of shocked me to see ‘5 Years Ago’ written at the bottom of the posts. 5 YEARS, that is INSANE and makes me feel SO OLD! 5 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love taking trips down memory lane and it was so strange to read all of the different posts from such a long time ago. Times have changed, people have changed, friends have changed and I have changed, so in many ways it’s a bittersweet journey. Old pictures, old memeories… just wow! Words cannot explain all of the different emotions it brings up!

I’m glad its still there for me to access and unless taken down, I will simply leave it be because it is a part of my history, a part I cherish! 

So did you have a Myspace? If you did, have a visit and see what you were up to 5 Years ago or so. I wonder if it will be meaningful to you as well?! 

If not just head over to http://www.randomkittengenerator.com/ according to my Myspace profile, this sum me up perfectly…. It probably does!

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Anonymous said...

Facebook will go to war with myspace now :P