Saturday, August 18, 2012

When Perfection Isn’t the Best!

As everybody would know, the Olympics has very recently ended after two weeks of fierce completion and constant reminders of Australia’s ‘Poor Metal Tally’ and performance in the 2012 games. 

Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the Olympics. I must admit I woke up at 5:30am to watch the Opening Ceremony (coffee in hand) and caught a glimpse of some swimming, cycling, rowing and BMX but that’s about it. All in all, I watched about 2 hours of the Olympic Games. I’ve never been a great fan of sports (playing or watching) and for the past two weeks have pretty much been flat chat with work, planning and cleaning! 

Maybe I tuned into the media more or maybe I cared a little more this time around, but I heard a lot of Olympic games reports on the news, social media and radio along with lots of photos and interview with athletes along the way. I must say I was most appalled at the negative attention these games seemed to get about Australia’s performance. 

Why does it matter if we didn’t get the most gold medals or why one of our top Olympic swimmers won Silver rather than Gold? Finger pointing to find who was to blame for Australia coming 10th rather than 1st! What happened to being grateful for the opportunity to just be part of the Olympic game and don’t get me started on not being grateful for winning a medal regardless of the colour! 

As a teacher if I had a student complain to me that they came second in a game rather than first I’d probably tell them to ‘get over it’! Is that mean, I don’t think so it’s just realistic! My biggest focus when playing a game with children at school is enjoying the experience and having a go, not winning first place! Very few win first, but all can enjoy the journey. 

All athletes who competed in these Olympic Games just gone should be proud just for the fact that they were representing our country in the top of their sporting field and I would hope that the majority of the Australia public felt the same way, rather than disappointed in the end numbers! 

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