Thursday, August 23, 2012

Uni or On the Job!

Most mornings that I’m not working I like to pop on channel 7 and watch Sunrise and The Morning Show to keep me awake. This morning one of the main stories was whether it is better to go to university and get a degree on jump straight into on the job training. There was a little debate on both sides of the fence so I thought I’d throw my two cents worth in here.

For me, Uni was amazing and 3 fantastic years of my life mainly because of the people and friends I made on the journey. It really was all about the journey and fun we had along the way. There was some learning but many more adventures, chips in the park, lecture escapes and moments that even to this day have the 5 uni kids in fits of laughter remembering them!!!!! 

We learnt a lot about teaching (when we were actually present teehee) but nothing our lectures could say would really prepare us for ‘being’ teachers with our own classes. Our course was excellent in the way that we had frequent prac visits and long term placements over the 3 years and that is where the real learning took place (at least for me it did!) 

So my take is, uni, academia and getting a degree is important for many careers but on the job training mixed in with the exams and assignments is also extremely important so that you can step into your new job with confidence in how the workplace runs because it’s very different to a lecture hall (or run down classroom in our case!) 

But also to be clear, I certainly do not think you need to go to university and have a degree to be successful in your job, but I do recognise that many profession do require that extensive training and education before you can step into the position! It’s all about finding a balance and knowing what is valuable to the employer would be a great way to improve our university programs!!!

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