Friday, August 17, 2012

Houses have Seasons

Does your house change with the seasons? Our house does! I’ve been loving seeing the different transformations our house has done through as we pass through different months and seasons of the year. We still have August, September, October and November to experience yet (we were here for December last year!) 

The thing I noticed first was how the sun shines in at different angles and levels as the times of the year change. I’m not stupid, I always knew this happened but its fun to see how it changes the ambience of the house, even the smell! One morning I’m washing up, enjoying the fresh air and backyard outside, next day I’m blinded by rays of sunlight and have to lower the blind a little. I’m thinking of buying a ‘Rainbow Maker’ to hang on the kitchen window so I can watch the colours of light dart around the room during the day! 

I haven’t so much enjoyed learning how icy cold our house can get in the middle of winter. Some mornings the tiles are so cold that walking on them with bare feet physically hurts. Even socks are not good enough to keep the warmth in and both Jeff and I have invested in warm uggy boots! I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a nice big rug for the living room but am also a little put off by keeping it clean with a blind puppy dog and a husband with dirty shoes!


 So maybe you think it’s boring that I’d notice these things and even find them interesting enough to blog about but I rather consider it enjoying the simple things in life and taking time out of our busy lives to notice small changes which in some cases can have a big impact on our mood and energy levels for the day ahead! Do you notice the little changes around your house and find them intriguing? If not, I challenge you to start looking for them and enjoying the simple things in life!

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Anonymous said...

This so true we should be enjoying the simple things in life a lot more.