Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Study Journey

At last I’m at the end of another study journey (which I never thought I’d be bothered to take). About a year ago I stumbled across this bridging course for Primary School teachers to become fully qualified as early childhood teachers along with the primary part of my degree. With so much change happening in the education system in relation to early childhood education, I thought it would be good to add this to my degree to make myself a little more employable in this area. Also had I had the choice, I would have minored in early childhood with my primary degree rather than the dreaded HPE, but that wasn’t an option when I was at uni.

So I signed up to a year of study and prac and thought if I completed it, it would be a miracle! The course was highly subsidised by the government so it didn’t cost very much but it was self paced and self taught which I’d never done before, so I wasn’t sure how I’d go.

So miracles do happen and in the end I was too stubborn not to complete it! On Friday I received my Certificate 3 and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and I am really quite pleased with this achievement! Praise the Lord because without Him it would never have happened!