Sunday, May 13, 2012

6 Months On

On Thursday just gone Jeff and I celebrated living in our house for a whole 6 months! It might not seem like a lot but we waited a very long time to build and move into our house so it’s amazing to think that we’ve been living in it for half a year! Even sounds crazy written down!

I don’t know about Jeff but I sure have learnt a lot about myself since moving out of home and having our own space so I thought I’d share a few things that come to mind from this journey so far.

- I am pretty OCD about cleanliness, neatness and organisation in our house! I hate things being out of place or not being put back where they belong and I feel very stressed out if the house isn’t generally clean all the time!

- I’m not 100% sure what kind of decorating style I like yet but I’m having fun buying things and moving everything around to places I like. I do know that I like simple decorating and do not appreciate anything too over the top.

- I love candles and I light them often!

- I like running our household off plans e.g menu plan, house cleaning schedule, weekly budget and fortnightly shopping night. I can’t shop without a shopping list and I can’t manage our money well without a budget plan. I find that everything runs smoothly with these plans in place!

- I love having fresh flowers in the house but I’m not so good at keeping plants alive!

- Jeff and I love talking about our next house project and looking at ideas on the internet like our future gardens and fence.

- I find listening to music on my iphone while vacuuming a good way to pass the time.

- I have now falling in love with Bunnings!

- I want a dishwasher but probably won’t get one!

- Once I’m awake in the mornings I’m awake and don’t tend to go back to bed. For those of you who know me well this is a BIG DEAL! I don’t think I like it though!

I’m loving this new chapters of our lives together in our little house and I look forward to many many more years living here and celebrating together!