Sunday, April 15, 2012

Snuggles Update

I’ve been very reluctant to write on here about Snuggles because she has been quite unwell but today we got some really good news that she’s improving so that’s prompted me to write a little post about her because I love her so much!

As I wrote about back in February Snuggles was diagnosis with Cushings but about 2 weeks after starting the medicine Jeff, Mum and I noticed that she seemed to be losing her eye sight. We were warned by the vet that the medicine she was taking was very potent and we had to stop it right away if she got any weird symptoms. We stopped the medicine and took her in to the vet asap the next day. This was the worst vet appointment yet and after he did a couple of tests he told us that she’d developed diabetes (which is a complication of Cushings in dogs and had caused her cataracts to grow really fast and cause her to go blind.) We talked a little about what could be done and went home quite devastated to think about what we wanted to do.

It was a long shot but we decided to put her on insulin twice a day along with her cushing medicine to see if we could get it under control. Neither of us or our vet were too confident that it would be successful but we all agreed that we had to do something (and I certainly wasn’t taking the only ‘other’ option.)

So for almost the past 2 months I have been giving Snuggles two insulin injections a day along with her cushings medicine. It’s not quite as simple as just giving her the medicines as we have to monitor her closely, make sure she’s eats the same about of food twice a day, make sure she eats all her food before we give any insulin, get up early everyday to give her medicine at the right time, collect urine samples every 4 days and continuously communicate with our vet as we test at home and he advises us to put the dosage up to help her improve.

Today she had a re-test at the vets and he was extremely impressed with how she’s looking and that the glucose in her urine is very slowly but surely coming down YAY! She’s still got a long way to go, many more dosage changes (two changes just today) and lots more tests but all is looking very positive!

I know our Snuggle dog won’t be with us forever (though I wish she could) but I’m extremely grateful for every single extra day I get with her and the fact that she’s not feeling unwell at all and has so much energy! No one could give you as much love as she does when you first walk in the front door!!!!!!

Go Snuggles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Easter 2012!!!!!

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