Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hello Autumn Weather

Brrr, the warmer months are definitely behind us and the cooler weather is here! This morning we woke to a light foggy misty out our bedroom window and scrabbled to put on warm socks and even warmer dressing gowns. Snuggles was shaking from the cold too, so it as on with her jacket to keep her warm!

This will be the first time we’re in our house during Autumn/winter so it will be interesting to see just how cold it will be. We don’t have a heater or a fire place but that might change by the end of the cold season if we’re freezing!!!!

Hello Autumn weather and goodbye mowing the grass every other week!!!

In other news, check out our new feature pots that we bought for our front door. We plan to try and keep those plants alive and when they grow, shape them into something (if we’re clever enough) like a ball or twisty shape!

We’ve got a big list of projects that we’d like to do around our house during the year. Some are big like getting a garden shed put in, maybe fencing the block and raised garden beds and some are small like magnetic stoppers on the wet area doors, brighter lights and indoor decorations. Whatever our project is, we’re having so much fun making this house a home and coming up with new and exciting ideas! Who would have thought a house could be so much fun (and some much expense lol!)

All Snuggled up!

New Feature Pots! We love them!

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