Monday, February 27, 2012

Willow Tree

At the moment Jeff and I (more me) are thinking a little bit about how we’d like to decorate our house. We’re going for simple decor and seem to have a ‘red’ theme happing in the main living area. We can’t afford to buy everything at once so over time we are just going to buy a few things we like. I doubt we’re going to need much!

Lately I’ve been looking at these beautiful Willow Tree figurines in the shops and on ebay. I’m not normally into little figurines no matter how sweet they are because they are a pain in the butt to clean but I seem to have a thing for these ones! I just love that they are so simple and delicate looking and that you can buy different ones to reflect different times in your life. I would never dream of collecting them all (that’s not why I like them) but I’d love to buy some of the ones that reflect our life together! I have this gorgeous prayer Willow Tree figurine that my cousins gave me for my birthday a long time ago and to me it reflects the beginning of my faith in God.

I also found on ebay last night a Christmas Nativity set made by Willow tree which I intend to save up for (I say save up, no buy because they are so expensive!)

I’m also quite a bit obsessed with wall decals at the moment. I’ve found lots that I’d love to buy and put around the house but again, they are really quite expensive so I need to be sure I’ll like them and want to keep them for a long while! I’ve spent numerous hours on ebay looking through all of the different ones you can buy and dreaming about where I would put them!

Hopefully soon I might bring myself to buy one of them or the Willow Tree figurine that I’d like!

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Anonymous said...

maybe someone might give you one of those tree thingies :P