Friday, February 24, 2012

A Sick Little Snuggle Dog

For months now our little Snug dog has not been very well and lately she has been getting worse and worse. Not in pain, just losing a lot of weight and muscle tone, eating and drinking excessively and that food and water has to go somewhere....! She hasn’t got the energy she used too and whilst she’s getting quite a bit old, we still thought it was strange and deep down knew something was wrong with her.

Just before we moved into our new house we took her to visit her ‘friend the vet’ for her annual check up and he pointed out some things to us that didn’t seem quite right with Snuggles health wise and told us what it could be. He explained that it could all be up down to stress from the move or it could be something else. He told us to go away for a few months and let her settle into the house and see if she improves... she did not improve!

After getting very sick from a bout of doggie gastro, we decided it was time to test her for the disease that the vet thought she might have. She has had urine tests and several blood tests over the past 2 weeks and last night it as confirm that she has a disease called Cushings.

So what is Cushings? Basically in 85% of cases (which is what Snuggles has) it’s a tumour in the brain that is very rarely cancerous and is producing too much of a hormone called Cortisol. In the other 15% of cases it is a tumour on the adrenal glands (near the liver) that is also producing too much Cortisol but in most cases it’s a cancerous tumor that needs to be removed and will cure the illness. In snuggles case they cannot operate because it’s in the brain steam and she wouldn’t survive the surgery.

So to treat the disease Snugs will be on morning and evening medication for the rest of her life (easy to give liquid YAY!) but with any hope it will help her gain back her weight and muscle tone, giver her more strength, thicken out her fur and give her a new lease on life! The good thing about this disease is that it doesn’t cause any pain to the dog but just gives them old age symptoms and they just want to sleep a lot. I’m praying that the medication helps her get back to her old self and we can go for some walks again and run down the beach!

We love you Snuggles and hope you feel much better very soon!

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