Friday, February 10, 2012

A Place to Call Home

It’s now been a little over two months since we moved into our brand new house and for most of that time I’ve been wanting to add this post to the blog but just haven’t had the time or motivation to get it finished! We’ve been super busy with moving, unpacking, setting up, deliveries of furniture, Christmas, visitors, New Years and generally settling in to this new place. Jeff’s been busy at work and I’ve actually had a lot of work for the first 3 weeks back at school (YAY!)

But at long last I’ve taken a series of photos to share our new house with you all so I hope you enjoy seeing the home that we’ve set up for ourselves. We’ve done very little decorating or landscaping but we’ve decided to do this over time as we see things we like and the funds become more available to us!

The front of our house... take note of the mown grass!

Even though it wasn't in our plans, we got a driveway put in and I am very glad we did!

Our lounge room!

The TV and coffee table!

The table as you come in the front door and our canvas wedding photo! I love it!

Dinning area

Dinning Table

I LOVE my kitchen! So much bench space!

The office

Our bookshelf. This took me AGES to arrange because it's so open!

Spare bedroom 1

Spare bedroom 2

Spare bedroom two is also my school work storeage room!

Our bedroom

When we were just at design stage I really wanted the bathroom, toilet and laundry to be setup to let lots of light into the house. I'm glad we fiddle with this area for a long time because it's perfect!



Hallway, I plan to make one of these walls a photo wall sometime

The deck settling


Very little of this land is ours but it's our beautiful view out the back

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