Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Day of Love

Of course everyday should be a day filled with love and joy but every year on the 14th February people all around the whole spend up big for this commercialised day known as Valentine’s Day and Jeff and I love celebrating it. This year it was extra special because we got to celebrate this day of love for the first time in our very own house!

We kept it simple and filled the house with candles for a beautiful candle lit dinner and just relaxed and enjoyed a night of doing nothing but chilling out! Jeff bought me home some beautiful pink roses (from Mum and Dad’s rose garden) and bought me my favourite chocolates and some other flowers as well! I’m very spoilt young lady and totally didn’t expect anything. I have everything I need after all!

So this Valentine’s day was simple but very special and romantic for the both of us, I wish we could be bothered to make every day like this one!!!

I love you my wonderful husband! xo

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