Friday, December 9, 2011

Home Owners!

Last Tuesday the 6th December 2011, Jeffrey and I officially became home owners for the first time ever! Our house was finished and was handed over to us, all ready to start making it our own. This week has been a blur of packing, moving, unpacking, shopping and cleaning. Our furniture, fridge/freezer and washing machine arrived too!

My parents and Jeff’s parent have helped me move, unpack and build our furniture as Jeffrey has been busy working each day! I am absolutely exhausted and it’s by no means finished yet! Tomorrow we move all of our clothes, bed, computer etc into the house and actually start living in it. How excited!!!!!

I think it’s going to take quite a while before we are actually settled in the house and now that it’s school holidays, I have plenty of time to arrange and re-arrange everything until I’m happy with it! I could probably sleep for a week too!

Merry Christmas to us, we are so very blessed!

First load!

The Dad's putting together the outdoor table!

Shiny new fridge and Freezer!

Keep an eye out for photos of our new house once everything is in it's place! I can't wait to share!