Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Place to Call Home

House progress is going great at the moment! Settlement date is now set for the end of next week, though it maybe change a little bit if anything gets held up. Really all that is left to do is have the carpets installed, painting finished, electrical finished, shower/door screens installed, plumbing finished and deck finished off. And most of that is pretty close to being done!

I couldn’t be happier with how all of our colours have turned out. It’s pretty hard to get everything matching perfectly from little colour samples but we’re both pretty happy with the outcome. It’s a nice, bright and airy house, which is exactly what we’ve both wanted all along!

On the weekend just gone, we spent almost every waking moment at the house painting. Our team of Jeffrey, myself, my parents and Jeff’s parents managed to get a HUGE amount done! We’re very proud of ourselves and it even looks great. The main reason that we managed to get so much done was because of a friend of ours lending us his spray gun! We are very blessed!

So come Christmas holidays (just under 3 weeks) we should be moving into our brand new, first ever house! We’ve got all our furniture ordered and our fridge/freezer and washing machine is all ready to be delivered. Today we spend the afternoon wandering around bunnings looking at things we still need (and things we don’t need). We bought some door mats and picked out a few other bits and bobs to buy later!

We are two very happy people, all ready to move into our first EVER house! Now I’m off to continue the exciting packing! Wooooo!

Snuggles enjoying her first walk on our deck!

My most favourite part of the house! Isn't it lovely?

Our tiles! At first we were disappointed because they put the wrong ones in, now we love them!

Running water at last!

Coffee for the hard working painters!

Preparing to start our painting weekend!

Hard working painter

Another hard working painter!

Following instruction to start using the spray gun!

Jeffrey spraying the bedroom.

Painting is messy business!

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