Friday, November 4, 2011

Hand Over

We found out this week that our hand over date for the house has been set for 28th November, which is just over 3 weeks time from now! Of course this is if everything goes to plan with the builder and delivery of everything. I’m thinking it will be a little bit longer than that because we still have to paint the house.
Today I got to have another walk through and the plastering is finished, flooring has been laid and the interior doors are on. It’s looking more and more like a house each time I see it. The undercoat of paint has now gone on the outside and we’re having some test colours painted next week so we can choose an exterior colour.

The really exciting stuff happens next week as they are installing the kitchen, tiling the whole house and starting the deck. I cannot wait to see these things finished! Also tomorrow, Mum and Dad are taking Jeffrey and I down to Ikea to look at furniture. We’re pretty sure of what we are going to get but are looking at Ikea for ideas. On Sunday we will hopefully be ordering all of our furniture! Seriously so excited about that! I’m pretty sure Jeff is even more excited than I am haha!

And finally, this week I started packing our stuff ready for the new house. Not the day to day things we use but all of our house things that I’ve collected over the years! Packing making it all the more real to be honest!

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