Thursday, November 10, 2011

Decision Making

Are you a good decision maker? I’m not, if I have to make a decision I like a good solid week to think, research, talk, think some more and totally change my mind a thousand times. In fact, I’d go as far as saying, I hate making decisions!

No one tells you just how many decisions there is to make when your building a house. It sounds like common sense but you don’t expect there to be quite so many! Today alone we had to make decisions on, exterior paint, deck paint, cupboards, lounge chair colour, shape, size, outdoor setting, railings and I’m sure there was more. My brain is seriously frazzled and I think it might take a few months after this house is finished to regain my sanity and feel okay about making decisions.

Probably the worst part is having to make choices so quickly and hope they are the correct ones. Once the house is painted there is no way I’m shelling out more money to re-paint it if we don’t like it!

So that’s how everything is going at the moment. We are really very close to the end now and things are crazy. Our deck started getting build today along with tiling, bathroom and painting. We start painting the inside in just over a week as well!

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