Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lock Up Stage

Today the builder told us that our house is now at Lock Up Stage! It can’t have been more than 4 weeks since they started building! It’s insane how fast they can put up a house, though ours isn’t actually complicated or big.

I’m most looking forward to seeing the kitchen go in and see our deck built out the back! I’ve now started searching high and low online for decorating and landscaping ideas. We’re going for the minimalistic look I think which is good because our budge too is minimalistic!

Friday, October 21, 2011

House Progress

If you’re my friend on facebook then you will see I’ve got a photo album with our house progress. I just love looking at the photos of the land than flicking through to see our house slowly but surely going up. Jeff and I drive past every day that we can to see what has been happening and are very excited at each new thing we see! Today the roof was going on… but it rained! But there is still plenty of time this week for it to go on and I can’t wait!

It’s all very exciting but reality is really beginning to hit home with me that we will be moving into our first home soon! Scary stuff! We had our first walk through of the house at frame stage on the weekend just gone and now my mind is in overdriving thinking about where I want to put everything and whether we’re going to have enough room for everything we own so far! For only being married 1 year, we had A LOT of stuff!

The next thing we get to do is go into the house and choose where we’d like power points, phone plugs and TV ports! It’s not as easy as I first thought it would be!!!!!!

In other news we sold our Polo for the price we wanted and I just finished a 2 week contract with a not so lovely class. So I’m enjoying a little bit of well earned rest before getting back into relief and my tafe course! (And I got my first Cluster of Assignments back which I pass woohoo!)

1 Week later

So I wrote this post about a week ago and all of a sudden life got busy and I didn’t get a chance to post it up. In that time I’ve had some relief work, the roof has gone on our house, windows in and power points installed!