Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Driveway

Today Jeff and I very excitedly drove over to our block of land because earlier in the morning work had been happening to cut out our driveway (well mainly just cutting out the cement gutter and laying down a bit of gravel.) It’s not very fancy and hopefully in the future we’ll be able to lay down a proper driveway but for now, this is how it’s going to stay.

Fencing is up, driveway cut out so once the council approved plans come back, the building will begin! I cannot wait! Seeing it all set out on the block of land makes our house look TINY! I’m a bit worried it won’t be big enough but I guess for the time being it’s big enough for just the two of us and our little snug dog! Maybe when I’m standing in it I’ll feel differently!

I do however believe that this house is a gift from God and is therefore the right size and right place for us right now. We have a loan but it’s nowhere near the amount that some people borrow (still a lot though) and we’re going to have our very own, brand new (very little) house! This is our first house and not our forever house and I cannot wait to be standing in it!

In other news, things around here are hectic! I’m on holidays (Praise the Lord) but I’ve got tafe assignments, placement at a childcare centre (starting tomorrow), we’re buying another car, selling our current car, looking at things we need for the house and keeping up with house building things. I’ve also got a 2 weeks contract at the beginning of next term that I need to prepare for (like that’s happened yet haha.)

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