Monday, September 5, 2011

A Case of the Clumsies!

It’s been another hectic week around here with lots of jobs to get done. New car tyres, birthdays, Father’s Day, Jeff went to a bucks party, I had some work and Jeff’s sister flew down for the weekend. No news on the house front though other than our loan being approved! Paperwork has got to be the slowest and most frustrating part of building a house. I just wish it would end so we can get started!

On Thursday night I came down with a serious case of the clumsies and fell down the steps at my Father and Mother in laws. Ouch! An x-ray confirmed that nothing was broken, just a very badly sprained and bruised ankle and BOY DID IT HURT! I never imaged a sprained ankle to hurt so much but it certainly does. Unfortunately we’ve had quite a lot on so all I could do was strap it, take nurofen and hobble around. I got some work today so I had to hobble around teaching as well. Hopefully it will recover quickly with no long term problems because limping is such a slow way to get around.

In other news, Jeffrey and I are upgrading to another car in the month ahead so we will be putting our much loved Polo up for sale. If you know anyone who’s looking for a cheap, run around car then let them know to get in contact with us!

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Talia said...

Hope you feel better soon!