Thursday, July 14, 2011

Term 3 – Goodbye Holidays!

Goodbye holidays and welcome Term 3! Today was the first day back at school and I have a 3 week contract teaching Year 7. It’s great to be working and putting money towards our house but I’m not a huge fan of teaching older children. Hopefully this will be a nice class and they all have laptops, which is something I’m looking forward too!

I must say it was an absolutely blissful 2 weeks off and Jeff even had one week off with me too! So sit back, relax and check out some happy snaps from our holidays!

Lots of beach visits with the pups!

Peaceful afternoon tea at the dam

Two of my favourites!!!

My lovely husband preached one Sunday

Byron Soy Chai's at Envy!

Broadbeach at the Gold Coast

View from our Gold Coast appartment

Our HUGE appartment

Ready for a night out!

At the Outback Spectatular!

Looking very 'outback' like!

Max Brenners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yum yum!!!!

Chocolately coffee! Soooo good!

Pancakes in Paradise for breakfast! (That makes it a REAL holiday!)

Lazer lights at Ripley's Believe it or not!

Coffee with the boys!!!

We were so busy having a wonderful 2 weeks off that I really didn't take all that many happy snaps! Bring on the next school holidays!!!!

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