Friday, July 15, 2011

I Love Fridays

Sometimes I forget just how much I LOVE Fridays!!!!! When you’re only working casual hours, day to day, it’s easy to forget how nice a Friday afternoon feels. Freedom for the weekend and a sleep in! Right now while I’m on contract teaching Year 7, I FULLY appreciate my Fridays… especially from 3pm on!

Especially today I was watching that second hand on the clock very carefully until we hit 3pm and some weekend rest! This has been my first full week on contract in a while and along with teaching, this week has been nuts. We’ve had to make building decisions, get the car fixed (again), appointments, chasing up tax stuff, planning work for this week, planning extension work and today planning for next week too and generally just settling into a new school, class and routine! Tiring indeed!

I am so incredibly gratefully to God for giving me work at the moment. His timing is always perfect and if there is any time that we could do with some extra saving funds, it’s right now! Hopefully a few more emails flicked off to our builder and we should be almost at the building permit stage! Boy does that sound nice!

So now I’m off to have a sleep in and enjoy doing nothing for two whole days, Bliss!!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend bloggers!

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