Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Day that Ended Up Being Exciting!

Without even realising it, today ended up being quite an exciting day. My lovely husband came to pick me up from school at 4pm and brought with him the side elevation plans for our future house! So far we've only seen the floor layout whilst making all of the relevant changes but today we got to see what it will look like from the outside.

It's not exactly what I imagined (nothing ever is) but someday soon it will be ours to live in! Our first real home as Mr and Mrs! Exciting stuff hey? It's not fancy and it's not big, but it will be ours! I'm super busy with work, planning and study at the moment but I think that slowly I'm beginning to fully realise just how big and important this is. Not long and it will be time to start packing all of our things and for me, moving for the first time EVER!

Just thought I'd give you a little update on the house. We're now waiting very patiently for the final pricing to come in, so please pray for us that it will be within our budget... or at least somewhere close to!

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