Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I hope your following along with my 30 Day Photography Challenge photos! I’m quite proud of the one I took tonight so I thought I would share it over here at the Misadventures blog! Might I add, this mandarin tastes amazing! I’ve never really been into them until recently and now I just think they are so sweet and tasty!

In other news we’ve been nice and busy today with appointments. Hopefully in the next week or so we’ll be signing off on the final house plan to have it priced. It’s nothing special, very little and no garage which I’m a tad disappointed about but it’s a brand new house that we can afford to pay off and THAT is the most important thing! We’re leaving room for a garage in the future so that makes me happy!

I’m looking forward to the day they start building!!!!! Won’t be too long now I hope!!!!


Anonymous said...

We're in the building stage now. It's so much faster than the paperwork stage, I can't believe how quickly it's being built! I hope it all goes smoothly for you, all very exciting!!

Carmy said...

Thanks Heidi! It's so exciting building a house, I hope yours goes smoothly too!!!!!!