Friday, June 24, 2011

End of Term 2!!!!!

YAY it’s officially the end of Term 2 and time for 2 blissful weeks of holidays! This term has been SUPER busy for relief and I’ve also had a contract teaching a Year 1 class for a little while! The start of term 2 was pretty cruisey, a day or two per week with a few weeks of nothing but towards the end I’ve been flat out busy!!!!!

It’s been nothing compared to full time teaching but having plenty of relief days along with studying my Early childhood Diploma, sorting through things all related to our future house and keeping up with the cooking, washing, cleaning etc! I’ve fallen into bed most nights!

So now it’s time for all of those hard working teachers to have 2 wonderful weeks of rest and recovery from Term 2 (and for me some Tafe study as well)!

Term 3
Next term I have a contract teaching a Year 7 class for 3 weeks. They are a laptop class so most of their work in done online or is computer generated. It should be a lot of fun to teach using online resources and a new learning experience for me teaching Year 7 for quite some time!

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