Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Busy Blogger

Not a whole lot of blogging happening over here because things are hectic right now!

-         -  I’m teaching on contract for the next 6 days
-        -   Keeping up with house hold stuff – cleaning, cooking, washing etc
-          - Enrolling in my Early childhood course
-         -  Applying for my full teachers registration – folios of work, paper work etc
-        -   Confirming building plans
-         -  Juggling finances and savings
-        -   Keeping up with our church jobs – bulletins, blog, website, log books etc
-         -  30 Day photography Challenge (not so much a job, just a bit of fun)
-        -   Jeff’s job and websites
-          - Lots of sorting out of our belongings before moving into our house in the future

Lots of things happening and on our minds right at the moment, a tad stressful but exciting as well! I hope you’ll keep popping back now and again because I can’t wait to update you on house progress in the coming months… it’s certainly not far off now!!!!!

Today’s Photography Challenge Photo is one of my favourites. Check it out!
Day 14: Eyes
My wonderful husband has got the most incredible eyes. They look like opal!

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