Friday, June 24, 2011

End of Term 2!!!!!

YAY it’s officially the end of Term 2 and time for 2 blissful weeks of holidays! This term has been SUPER busy for relief and I’ve also had a contract teaching a Year 1 class for a little while! The start of term 2 was pretty cruisey, a day or two per week with a few weeks of nothing but towards the end I’ve been flat out busy!!!!!

It’s been nothing compared to full time teaching but having plenty of relief days along with studying my Early childhood Diploma, sorting through things all related to our future house and keeping up with the cooking, washing, cleaning etc! I’ve fallen into bed most nights!

So now it’s time for all of those hard working teachers to have 2 wonderful weeks of rest and recovery from Term 2 (and for me some Tafe study as well)!

Term 3
Next term I have a contract teaching a Year 7 class for 3 weeks. They are a laptop class so most of their work in done online or is computer generated. It should be a lot of fun to teach using online resources and a new learning experience for me teaching Year 7 for quite some time!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Busy Blogger

Not a whole lot of blogging happening over here because things are hectic right now!

-         -  I’m teaching on contract for the next 6 days
-        -   Keeping up with house hold stuff – cleaning, cooking, washing etc
-          - Enrolling in my Early childhood course
-         -  Applying for my full teachers registration – folios of work, paper work etc
-        -   Confirming building plans
-         -  Juggling finances and savings
-        -   Keeping up with our church jobs – bulletins, blog, website, log books etc
-         -  30 Day photography Challenge (not so much a job, just a bit of fun)
-        -   Jeff’s job and websites
-          - Lots of sorting out of our belongings before moving into our house in the future

Lots of things happening and on our minds right at the moment, a tad stressful but exciting as well! I hope you’ll keep popping back now and again because I can’t wait to update you on house progress in the coming months… it’s certainly not far off now!!!!!

Today’s Photography Challenge Photo is one of my favourites. Check it out!
Day 14: Eyes
My wonderful husband has got the most incredible eyes. They look like opal!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I hope your following along with my 30 Day Photography Challenge photos! I’m quite proud of the one I took tonight so I thought I would share it over here at the Misadventures blog! Might I add, this mandarin tastes amazing! I’ve never really been into them until recently and now I just think they are so sweet and tasty!

In other news we’ve been nice and busy today with appointments. Hopefully in the next week or so we’ll be signing off on the final house plan to have it priced. It’s nothing special, very little and no garage which I’m a tad disappointed about but it’s a brand new house that we can afford to pay off and THAT is the most important thing! We’re leaving room for a garage in the future so that makes me happy!

I’m looking forward to the day they start building!!!!! Won’t be too long now I hope!!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I am absolutely in love with this song at the moment. It's called Arithmetic by Brooke Fraser! I just wish I could sing like this and play the piano so beautifully! Makes me inspired to at least try!!! I hope you enjoy and it's best listened too really loud! Will totally overwhelm your ears!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge

I came across the 30 Day Photography Challenge whilst reading along at Hellow and decided to join in on the fun! Lately I’ve been re-discovering my passion for taking photos so I hope this is lots of fun and pushes my skills a little further!

Feel free to join in as well and to view my daily photo please head over to my facebook! I might feature some on here once in a while!

Let’s kick it off with the first days challenge… a day late but here we go!

Day 1: Self-portrait
My pretty purple bedroom wall, won't be my bedroom for much longer!


Winter is upon us and what better way to start it than a Mocha at Montville with my bestie!!!!

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