Saturday, May 14, 2011

Teaching Again!

It feels like it's been forever since I had a day of relief and could flex my teaching muscles again but this week I've had 2 days at one of our local schools teaching Prep, HPE and Year 5/6! I really do love teaching once I'm standing up there in front of a classroom full of minds eager to learn! I feel very comfortable and in control of any classroom and wish I could do more teaching (so does my bank account!)
I've decided that since I'm not getting a huge amount of relief (thought I'd say it will pick up now that the cooler months are with us) that I'm going to use my spare time to extend my Primary teaching degree to Early Childhood - which really is my favourite age group to teacher! Though I did have an absolutely lovely Year 5/6 class on Friday so I'd be happy to teach any year level.
So in a few weeks its going to be back to studying and assignments for me! I'm going to do this course online at it can be done at my own pace over 12 months! So that should be good and hopefully I can finish it fairly quickly!

On the House Front!
A little update on our house building process, as part of the beginning process to build we had to have a soil test done. We got our results back this week and much to our horror found out that the block of land has Class P soil (P stands for Problem)!!!!! I wish someone had told us to do a soil test before we bought it! But all is not lost, it simply means we will have to pay a fair bit of have the house foundations put down. We're waiting to hear from the engineer about costs.... eeekk!

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