Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beginning a New Season!

Jeff and I are about to enter a new season of life together… and I’m not talking about autumn though it is upon us! I’m talking about building and moving into our first ever home together! It’s a very big deal to us but more so to me because I’ve never lived anywhere else but here with my parents, in this same house for 24 years!

Last Tuesday we signed an engagement contract with Home Builders Advisory Service (HBAS) and now we are all systems go with the building process. Right now there really isn’t a lot to do (but continue to save like crazy) and look over plans and figure out what we want in a house. Even that doesn’t take much thought because it’s our first home so it will be small and simple!

So stay tuned because as things start happening I’ll be blogging about them! And keep us in your prayers because this is a huge deal and a huge amount of money!

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