Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What She Sang!

It's common knowledge to most people that I really enjoy singing. Through out high school I was part of the choir and vocal ensembles. I studied Music from Year 8  to Year 12 (I was the only Music student in Year 12) and sang in a few competitions through the school and other places. When I become a member of Glasshouse church I sang on the music team and also at live music nights and community events.

Since attending Palmwoods Baptist Church I don't sing weekly (we don't really have a music team) but now and again I'll do a special for the service. Last week after much nagging from everyone I sang 'You Are My King (Amazing Love)' It's a very pretty song and I found some really nice music to sing too.

So the church has a pretty good recording system setup and Jeff recorded the song. It turned out really nice so I just wanted to share it with everyone!


It should start on it's own but if not, scroll right down to the bottom and you'll see a little picture with Carmen Gadenne written on it with palm trees. Hope you enjoy!

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