Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easterfest 2011

Okay so you can officially call me a bad blogger! I haven’t posted since the beginning of April because so much has been happening and filling my mind. I wrote a few posts but deleted them because they were just way too boring haha! Cars, building houses, finances, jobs etc have been taking over my thinking space but that’s all for another post. I thought I’d share with you our Easterfest 2011 adventure and boy was it an adventure this year!
On Thursday morning Jeff and I got up bright and early, packed everything into our little VW Polo and set off to Toowoomba for the annual Christian music festival – Easterfest! I’ve been 3 times before this but this was the first time Jeff has been and he was very excited! When we arrived we met up with our friend Phil as well and setup camp together in a nice peaceful corner in the family camping area.

We spent Thursday night exploring the Toowoomba Grand Central shopping center and Friday and Saturday enjoying the music and different acts that were on for those days! We especially enjoyed seeing our friend Pete aka The Mime Guy perform his fantastic shows!!!!!

The Trip to Toowoomba

Easterfest Bands

Thursday night coffee

Easterfest City!

Easterfest Main Tent

Our camping home!

The Mime Guy Performing

Big Rain clouds

More Mime Guy Shows!

 All was going well and we were having a great time until Saturday night when a HUGE dark cloud slowly crept over mainstage as Newworldson were performing and then the heavens opened up! Boy oh boy did they open up. A MASSIVE downpour of rain filled the whole of Queens Park completely drenching everyone. Jeff and I both had big jackets on so we snuggled up together with our heads down and thought we’d just wait it out. We waited and waited for about half an hour but it still kept pouring down on us and the other 20,000 people at the festival. A group of people came over to us with a massive tarp and everyone held the edges and stood under it, hoping the rain would stop. I guess it was another half hour and the rain still hadn’t stopped or gotten lighter. Crazy, crazy rain!
Hiding from the rain under a tarp at Main Stage

It was decided that we’d all walk with the big tarp and everyone under it, out of the mainstage and into one of the big tents to keep dry. As we walked we were walking through water up to and over our ankles and the plastic path that had been setup was being washed away. I cannot believe how much water filled Queens Park and just how fast. We realized very quickly that we were standing in flood waters and soon the organizers of Easterfest started to evacuate everyone out of the Park. I have to say that the organized of Easterfest did an absolutely brilliant job at evacuated 20,000 so quickly and even though one of the big tents did collapse, no one was hurt!
Very Muddy tent
Flooding at the festival!

Jeff and I walked for ages to get back to our tents and eventually we decided to get all our dry stuff and go to our friends motel to get warm and dry. It was a big job but Phil, Jeff and I got all our dry stuff to the car and escaped for the night! I’ve NEVER been so glad to have a warm shower as I was that night!

Sunday morning we went back and cleaned up our stuff, packed it into our car and headed home, but not before dropping by the CBD to watch Naturally 7 perform. They were brilliant and it was a great way to end the weekend! We had so much fun even though we got completely wet and muddy. We considered it an adventure and another great memories that we’ve made together!
Naturally 7!

I hope you all had a great Easter as well, one to remember! Check out more Easterfest Pics HERE!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What She Sang!

It's common knowledge to most people that I really enjoy singing. Through out high school I was part of the choir and vocal ensembles. I studied Music from Year 8  to Year 12 (I was the only Music student in Year 12) and sang in a few competitions through the school and other places. When I become a member of Glasshouse church I sang on the music team and also at live music nights and community events.

Since attending Palmwoods Baptist Church I don't sing weekly (we don't really have a music team) but now and again I'll do a special for the service. Last week after much nagging from everyone I sang 'You Are My King (Amazing Love)' It's a very pretty song and I found some really nice music to sing too.

So the church has a pretty good recording system setup and Jeff recorded the song. It turned out really nice so I just wanted to share it with everyone!

It should start on it's own but if not, scroll right down to the bottom and you'll see a little picture with Carmen Gadenne written on it with palm trees. Hope you enjoy!