Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trip to Sydney

You may have noticed my absents from our blog for the past couple of weeks, well that’s because Jeff and I jetsetted off to Sydney on the 26th March for a whole week! Of course the most frustrating part of our holiday away was that I got offered two days of work which I was unable to take! Nice to be offered though!

We decided at the end of last year that we’d travel down to Sydney to spent birthdays with family. Jeff’s sister plus himself and his twin brother all celebrated their birthdays while we were down there! It was nice to be with them and extra good to share their birthday cakes!

We went ice skating, played Lazar Tag, ate Pancakes on the Rocks at 1am, drove around the city, did some sightseeing at Circular Quay, ate at loads of delicious cafes and generally just enjoyed having a week off together! No early morning for the two of us!!!
Watching Laree's dance group dance on a boat on the harbour

Jeff setting up his blue screen!
Laree and Hayle's dance moves in front of the blue screen!
Jeff in front of the Bridge
Ice skating together!
Visiting C3 church with Phil!
Jeff and Jame's birthday!
Yummy cheesecake!
Pancakes on the Rocks at 1am!
Jeff in the Apple store!
Chinese for lunch on his birthday!
The cute little cupcake bakery in Gorge St
Gulyian Cafe on the harbour!
Best coffee!
Bunnies in the pet shop. I so wanted one!
Chocolate dipped strawberries from San Churro's SOOOO GOOOD!
The two of us at dinner!
Flying home!

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