Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Don’t Like Dark Rooms

Very slowly but very surely Jeff and I are getting closer and closer to building our own house. We met with Grant from Home Builders Advisory Service (HBAS) this week and so far so good on this front. I certainly can’t say how great they are just yet because we’ve only just begun but I’m hoping in months to come I can give you a raving review and recommend you to HBAS because so far they seem great!

This gets me to my title ‘I Don’t Like Dark Rooms’. Jeff has spent a lot of time designing a house plan that we really like, not necessarily the one that we will use but full of ideas for our future house. Quite a while ago Rachel wrote a blog post about what she wanted in her house, a shortlist of what was incredibly important to her. Well I have something that is incredibly important to me, NO DARK ROOMS!

Big windows to let in lots of natural light, light coloured walls, floor coverings, benches, cupboards etc, there is nothing worse than a room that has no natural light and is designed with dark shades. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate browns but only as a feature or for furniture. And on the plus side, lots of natural light means less electricity to light up a room! I’d rather spend a little more on big windows than live with the light turned on all the time. That’s also why I like open planned houses, so much natural light!

Do you have any great ideas for houses to make them look nice or save money in a certain area? Please share in the comments section of this blog, I’d love to hear your ideas!!!

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