Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Big Clean Up!

So this post is just one big advertisement and if you want computer parts then you should read ahead! Because Jeff and I will hopefully have our own house in the near future, we are having a HUGE clean out of things that are old, not used or out of date! Jeff being the computer nerd that he is has got a huge amount of computer parts, cables, keyboards etc. Lots of random bits and bobs! Here we’re it gets interesting

If you are looking for a computer part, cable, CD or whatever please drop me an email and I will see if Jeff has got that part and if it’s working! If he does then it’s yours! Tell your friends. We’re listing a few things that are worth money on Ebay but other bits and pieces are just not worth the Ebay fees!

My email is: carmy1413@hotmail.com and the only catch is if you want it posted to you, you need to pay postage!

In about a month or so whatever is left is going to the dump so don’t wait if you are looking for something. Hopefully we can help you out!

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