Sunday, March 27, 2011

Totally Addicted to Grey’s

At the moment I am totally addicted to Grey’s Anatomy! I’m been watching live streaming of episodes for the past few months now and am nearing the end of Season 3. I’ve also watched all of the episodes of season 7, keeping up with US pace! Musical episode next week… can’t wait!

What Inspires You?

A few weeks ago I was reading something… I can’t even remember where but someone asked ‘What Inspires You?’ Normally if I can’t answer something I just skip over it and push it right to the back of my mind where all that useless information is stored but for some reason this really stuck with me. I thought about it quite a lot, ‘What really does inspire me?’, ‘Can I actually answer that?’, ‘Surely I can answer that…?’ It really bugged me actually!

I thought about what I believe in, my day to day life, what I’m interested in, where I wish my future to lead, all of those reflective and re-evaluation questions that one asks themselves when they are searching for an answer. Still no answer which completely annoyed me and to be quite honest really started to get me down. I even asked Jeff what he thought about it too. I figured that surely everyone could answer the question ‘What inspires you?’ within seconds, not minutes and not days either so why couldn’t I?

I guess for starters the way that I understand the word ‘inspires’ is not just as simple as something that interests me. Rather it’s something that makes me get off my butt right in that moment with great excitement and anticipation for what is ahead of me or for what I am going to do.

For the past few days I’ve been thinking about life and especially about my Wasting Time post from last month. Our time on earth is but a vapour, a whisper in time. The bible says that our days are numbered which is very true. And at long last, I found where my inspiration comes from – our days are numbered!

I live life, I get excited about things, I anticipate things in my future because we only live on this world once and we should make the most of it. God created us such a beautiful planet (it’s not without its flaws or we wouldn’t want heaven) but we’re here for a reason and we might as well make the best of our lives because this world does still have a lot of amazing things to offer us! I’m also inspired by the love that God has for me! I only wish that I could have that kind of love for everyone around me! Love that knows no limits and has no conditions!

So now it’s your turn to think and maybe you can answer this question faster than I can – What Inspires You?

Working on the Blog

Over the past few months I have really been getting stuck into reading other people’s blogs, people I don’t necessarily know but find interesting. By no means do I read a lot but what I do read keeps me hanging and I just can’t wait until their next updates! Lots of fun. Some of my favs are - Hellow Owl - Life’s Visual Journal - Hummingbird’s Song - Rambling of a Wife and Mama - Queens Bee Allergy Free - Midwife Crisis

Just to name a few that I check fairly often. I only dream to write like some of these fabulous people do and keep life flowing in a written form! So I certainly cannot promise anything but I’ve decided to step this blog up a little more and hopefully write a little more and attract a little more traffic! I hope that you will stay tuned on this little blog space and that as I warm up my typing fingers over the next few weeks that you might share this with other people.

Wish me luck!

PS: This space needs a makeover…. Ideas please?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Don’t Like Dark Rooms

Very slowly but very surely Jeff and I are getting closer and closer to building our own house. We met with Grant from Home Builders Advisory Service (HBAS) this week and so far so good on this front. I certainly can’t say how great they are just yet because we’ve only just begun but I’m hoping in months to come I can give you a raving review and recommend you to HBAS because so far they seem great!

This gets me to my title ‘I Don’t Like Dark Rooms’. Jeff has spent a lot of time designing a house plan that we really like, not necessarily the one that we will use but full of ideas for our future house. Quite a while ago Rachel wrote a blog post about what she wanted in her house, a shortlist of what was incredibly important to her. Well I have something that is incredibly important to me, NO DARK ROOMS!

Big windows to let in lots of natural light, light coloured walls, floor coverings, benches, cupboards etc, there is nothing worse than a room that has no natural light and is designed with dark shades. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate browns but only as a feature or for furniture. And on the plus side, lots of natural light means less electricity to light up a room! I’d rather spend a little more on big windows than live with the light turned on all the time. That’s also why I like open planned houses, so much natural light!

Do you have any great ideas for houses to make them look nice or save money in a certain area? Please share in the comments section of this blog, I’d love to hear your ideas!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Big Clean Up!

So this post is just one big advertisement and if you want computer parts then you should read ahead! Because Jeff and I will hopefully have our own house in the near future, we are having a HUGE clean out of things that are old, not used or out of date! Jeff being the computer nerd that he is has got a huge amount of computer parts, cables, keyboards etc. Lots of random bits and bobs! Here we’re it gets interesting

If you are looking for a computer part, cable, CD or whatever please drop me an email and I will see if Jeff has got that part and if it’s working! If he does then it’s yours! Tell your friends. We’re listing a few things that are worth money on Ebay but other bits and pieces are just not worth the Ebay fees!

My email is: and the only catch is if you want it posted to you, you need to pay postage!

In about a month or so whatever is left is going to the dump so don’t wait if you are looking for something. Hopefully we can help you out!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trip to Sydney

You may have noticed my absents from our blog for the past couple of weeks, well that’s because Jeff and I jetsetted off to Sydney on the 26th March for a whole week! Of course the most frustrating part of our holiday away was that I got offered two days of work which I was unable to take! Nice to be offered though!

We decided at the end of last year that we’d travel down to Sydney to spent birthdays with family. Jeff’s sister plus himself and his twin brother all celebrated their birthdays while we were down there! It was nice to be with them and extra good to share their birthday cakes!

We went ice skating, played Lazar Tag, ate Pancakes on the Rocks at 1am, drove around the city, did some sightseeing at Circular Quay, ate at loads of delicious cafes and generally just enjoyed having a week off together! No early morning for the two of us!!!
Watching Laree's dance group dance on a boat on the harbour

Jeff setting up his blue screen!
Laree and Hayle's dance moves in front of the blue screen!
Jeff in front of the Bridge
Ice skating together!
Visiting C3 church with Phil!
Jeff and Jame's birthday!
Yummy cheesecake!
Pancakes on the Rocks at 1am!
Jeff in the Apple store!
Chinese for lunch on his birthday!
The cute little cupcake bakery in Gorge St
Gulyian Cafe on the harbour!
Best coffee!
Bunnies in the pet shop. I so wanted one!
Chocolate dipped strawberries from San Churro's SOOOO GOOOD!
The two of us at dinner!
Flying home!