Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine’s Day 2011

I can’t believe that Valentine’s day has been and gone already! Days seem to be going so fast lately that I can’t keep up! This year was our first Valentines as husband and wife which in itself was very special. But this year because we are saving up for our first home and are sticking to a very tight budget, we decided not to give each other anything. Of course it was the year when everyone on facebook put up pictures of their amazing flowers and gifts haha!

 Rather than gifts and flowers, we went on a picnic together! Because Jeff had to work on the actual day, we went the day after and sat under the beautiful tree’s at Buderim park and enjoyed lots of yummy food together!!! Followed by a nice peaceful walk together and coffee! It was simple but very sweet and best of all, didn’t cost very much!

I love my husband so much and am very grateful that we can enjoy the simple things in life together and still love each other very much! Walking through life together is the most amazing gift I could ever dream of and I know we’ll always look back on these times with great fond memories! I hope everyone else had a great Valentine’s Day too!!!

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Rhonie said...

That's so beautiful Carmy!! Best Valentines day ever!! :)