Saturday, February 12, 2011

Money Saving Tips

So let me throw it out there, what are your tips for saving money?

As you would know if you are a faithful reader, Jeff and I are now paying off our own block of land and are saving to build a house. Our goal has always been to borrow as little as possible to build something we can live in and perhaps extend one day. We’ve drawn up plans, visited project builders and gotten quotes from private builders and all in all we’ve discovered that we’ve got a little more saving ahead of us.

We figure 1 or 2 difficult years of saving is better than 30 years living on a very tight budget. We’re not going to build anything fancy but something with good re-sell that isn’t like living in a shoe box!

So we sat down tonight and tightened our budget a little more! No more shopping, no more eating out all the time and no more extravagant gifts. We’re hardly suffering; in fact we are extremely blessed and have a wonderful life, we just need to save our little butts off for a while!

So what are your money saving tips? How do you make living more fun without spending money? How do you motivate yourself to keep saving? Or how to do you make a little extra pocket money? I like to dabble in ebay, how about you?


JustBekky said...

I always think twice before buying anything. Do I need this? Will I use it again? Do I already have something else that would suffice? Also I avoid eating out or buying coffee/juice etc. Those things add up! I take snacks in my purse, drink water etc. Every little bit helps. =)

Norm said...

1. Tithe.
2. Don't over-tithe.
3. Having fun without spending money? Well, you don't have to pay for sex when you're married...
4. Motivation to keep saving? Isn't your current Rafters arrangement enough?
5. How to make extra money? Well, I was going to suggest something - AS A JOKE - but I might get in trouble...

Norm again said...

Oh, I once heard someone suggest, pay in cash for stuff. Paying with EFTPOS can desensitise you sometimes, but the physical handing over of cash helps sometimes to make the dollar amount a little more real, and make you really think about whether you really want/need something.

Jeffrey and Carmen said...

Great tips! I like the idea of snacks in my handbag. Less tempting to eat out!