Monday, February 21, 2011

I Had a Little Glory Box!

I love this tradition that many generations of women have been keeping as they become a little older and think towards the future! Like most when I was in the middle of my teens I started a 'Glory Box' where I collected different homewares for a house that one day I hoped to have.

Birthdays, Christmas and just general purchases I made, my glory box grew and grew! By the time I met Jeff, I had a fairly large collection (no longer a box but a cupboard) but I knew that we'd need more for our house one day. I remember one particular day at uni, sitting on the veranda outside the student centre at Pomona campus with Katie, Talia, Rachel and Jordan. I'm sure we were meant to be studying or working on a group assignment but rather we were making lists of things we needed for our houses! That's when my list began!

I spent sometime wondering around my parents house with a note pad in hand, writing down everything in the house that I used regularly or thought was important to have in a house. While Jeff and I were dating and engaged we would head out to Thursday night shopping each week and purchase something new for our future house, off the list! We had so much fun picking out the things we liked and would match our home! Other than electrical appliances and big furniture items, we pretty well have everything we need for our house plus more!!!

Over time I've gotten more and more homewares from more birthdays, Christmas presents, our engagement party, kitchen tea and wedding gifts! I've been storing them at my parents house but space has been a huge problem. Last week I took almost everything out and sorted everything out to pack away a little neater. I came across a few things that we had double ups of and also that we really wouldn't ever need or use. I'm going to pop a few things up on eBay to raise a little more cash towards our future home!

I had a little Glory Box... but now I have a whole glory room!!!!!!

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