Sunday, January 30, 2011

Taking Care of the Land

When you’re just a person living at home, you really don’t notice all of the work that needs to happen outside of the house! I can take care of the inside of a house, cleaning cooking, washing, sweeping etc. I can handle that, but the outside is a little more unknown to me.

Ever since summer hit Jeff and I have had to keep a very close eye on our block of land. The grass grows, the big plants on our land grow, the grass has to be mown and the trees have to be cut down. Because of all of the rain we’ve gotten lately, the grass grew extremely high, like a jungle. When Dad and I tried to mow it, the grass just got tangled up under the mower and it was a failed attempt! We ended up paying someone to mow it for us, now we don’t want to be doing that all the time!

One the weekend, Jeffrey, Dad and I headed over to rack up all of the dead grass so mowing in the future would be easier and to start chopping down some of the plants. Because they are so huge we only got one cut down and into the trailer.

I’m not a big fan of this outside work but it does feel nice to achieve something! I guess it’s the price you pay to have your own land (maybe a home sometime!)

By the way, can you believe tomorrow is February? Crazy!

After mowing

Racked up dead grass

More racking

Trying to fit more in the trailer!

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